India To Get Latest Lightweight Mk-54 Anti-Submarines Torpedoes From US

India will get lightweight anti-submarines torpedoes to arm the eight P-8I maritime patrol aircraft it is buying from the US, with the Obama administration notifying the potential sale to the US Congress on Tuesday.

The news was welcomed by the US embassy in New Delhi, which said the sale of Mk-54 torpedoes reflects the mutual benefits of the India-US security relationship.

The Pentagon has "officially notified" the potential sale of Mk-54 lightweight torpedoes to the Indian Navy.

The Mk-54 is the most advanced lightweight torpedo in the US Navy inventory and is intended to be employed with the P-8I maritime patrol aircraft, eight of which are currently under construction for India by US aerospace major Boeing.

IAF To Acquire Stand-off Missiles From Global Market

 The Indian Air Force (IAF) has decided to add more lethality to its advanced jet fighters by complimenting them with stand-off missiles. A request for information (RFI) to global firms has been sent for stand-off missiles fitted with light warheads which can target enemy planes.
A stand-off missile is a ballistic missile which can be launched at a distance sufficient to allow attacking personnel to evade defensive fire from the target area.

According to IAF, these stand-off missiles can be very lethal when linked with airborne early warning and control systems (AWACS) that provide inputs on enemy missiles and aircraft beyond visual range. Since IAF has AWACS capability, the addition of stand-off missiles will give a decisive edge to the forces.
They will be fired from beyond visual range and will enable the security of the fighter jets by remaining out of the offensive range of the enemy aircraft.
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