Pakistan Test Fired Raad Hatf-VIII Air-To-Surface Cruise Missile

In Pakistan, a successful Flight Test of the natively developed Air Launched Cruise Missile, Hatf-VIII (Ra’ad), has been conducted performed.

Due to the ongoing process of developing better technical parameters of the weapon system, the test was performed. The newly developed Ra’ad missile has a range of over 350 km, and has been exclusively developed to launch from Aerial Platforms.
The missile makes use of Cruise Technology. This technology is extremely complex however, and only a few specific countries in the world have been able to develop it. This new system allows Pakistan to expand their possibilities on grounds of strategic standoff capability on land and at sea.

The Ra’ad has access to state of the art technology such as Stealth. It’s flies on a low altitude, ‘Hugging Terrain’ with high maneuverability, and has the ability to pinpoint targets with high accuracy, by using nuclear and conventional warheads.

The President, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee have appreciated the successful launch of the missile, and have congratulated the engineers and scientists on their amazing achievement.
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