Kaveri-Snecma Engine To Power AMCA Indian Stealth Fighter

ADA has send a Technical requirement detail for the engines which will power India’s locally developed 5th Generation fighter aircraft to the GTRE recently .ADA which is the prime development organisation of the Advance Medium Combat Aircraft is looking for an engine in 100 to 110 kn thrust range, and while the work on the preliminary designs are almost done and work on the AMCA Project will officially began from July 2011 onwards for which 2 billion Dollars have already been allocated for the AMCA Project.

GTRE has successfully carried out first batch of on board trials on a modified IL-76 Test Bed in Russia. Even though Kaveri engine project has been delinked from LCA Project few years back , GTRE is still hope full that current Kaveri engines might power Tejas MK-1 aircrafts when their GE Provided F-404IN engines will come up for replacement.

GTRE and French for long time wanted to work on a new Kaveri Hybrid based on M-88-3 Eco, but due to GTRE engine already been delinked on LCA Project , French wanted specific commitment on the engine order , now if the news is correct then the joint venture might finally start off .

ADA is taking very similar approach like it did with LCA Project and will roll out first Technological Demonstrators (AMCA TD-1 and TD-2) in next 5 to 6 years and have first flight in next one year after the roll out. Experts believe that ADA might use GE Provided F-414IN engine which has been already selected by ADA to power Tejas MK-2 jets.
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