China's First Aircraft Carrier To Serve In South China Sea

China's new aircraft carrier Shi Lang is planning to serve in the South China Sea by the next Army Day, a military source said.

The vessel will be under direct command of the country's Central Military Commission.

"An aircraft carrier is the mark of major powers," said General Qiao Liang, a military expert.

The vessel will largely expand the combat radius, raising the country's offshore comprehensive combat capabilities beyond the first island chain. Qiao said that air domination is the prerequisite of naval warfare, especially for the remote areas away from the heartland. As a result, there is no alternative for the vessel's leadership.

Rather than an armament used in actual combat, the aircraft carrier is now more a strategic weapon. Its combat function ended as the Second World War was over.

"If an aircraft carrier sets sail from Japan's Yokosuka port, it takes a week for the vessel to arrive at the Malacca Strait and another a week's journey to the Red Sea. But that trip can be made within an hour — even half an hour — by a missile," Qiao said. "Air and space power is the key to future wars as it is faster, clearer and more accurate. The aircraft carrier's dynasty has already passed because economic activities do not solely rely on land and marine transport. Nowadays, capital flow can be easily finished by clicking the keyboard."

The vessel has a symbolic meaning for the country's naval power image. The participation of the vessel will strengthen the navy’s combat ability and deterrent force, Qiao said.

"The aircraft carrier will guarantee the smooth inflow of energy and resources into China from international waters. It can also ensure security and interests of Chinese workers overseas," Qiao said.

China's new carrier aircraft has reached the world's best level, Qiao said. Technically, the lifetime should be at least half a century.

"The Chinese people should not overstate or understate in terms of its meaning. It is merely a necessary step for the Chinese navy," he said.

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