Russian Air Force Will Acquire Advanced Strike-Fighter By 2020

Su-34 Fighter Bomber

Su-34 Fighter Bomber
 The deliveries of new-built advanced strike-fighter, the replacement of Su-25SМ, to the Russian air forces will be started in 2020, RIA Novosti reports. It has been reported by the representative of Russian Ministry of Defense, Vladimir Drik.

"The modern requirements for conduct of operations force the aviation designers to look for new means of reacting appropriate reaction to the potential threats. As a result, the concept of advanced strike-fighter has been elaborated. This jet should be delivered to the military units by 2020, replacing Su-25SМs", - he said.

According to him, the new aircraft, developed on the basis of Su-25SМ, will be able to use the whole nomenclature of tactical armament. At the same time it will be developed using stealth technologies. The aircraft will be able to use any runways and it will be equipped with state-of-the-art communication, radar and navigational systems.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense has also noted that the replacement of Su-25 strike-fighters by the modernized Su-25SМs is in progress. Su-25SМ has wider range of used armament. Radar facilities and navigation and target acquisition systems have also been upgraded. "The aircraft survivability has increased two times and its employment efficiency – four times", - Drik noted.

At present, over 30 Su-25 strike-fighters have been modernized in the military units of Russian air forces and around 80 such vehicles should be modernized by 2020.

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