First JSF Fighter Jet Will Cost EUR 110 Million

The first test Joint Strike Fighter(JSF) jet will cost almost just under EUR 110m which is within budget,says junior defence minister Jack de Vries in a letter to parliament onMonday, reports the Trouw.
The letter comes two days before MPs are to decide whether or not to approve the purchase of two JSF aircraft.
Selecting a replacement for the defence department’s current fleet of fighter jets is a long-running and controversial issue within the government.
Until now the actual price of the JSF has been unclear, reports theTrouw. Clarity on price is a prerequisite for two of the threecoalition parties, Labour and the orthodox ChritenUnie, to vote in favour of the acquisition, the paper says.

The JSF is made by US manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Saab is a contender for the contract.
MPs will decide on Wednesday whether to buy the first of the twotest JSFs which will be used for a series of extensive trials. Thesecond will not be ordered until next year, says the Trouw.
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