Current security situation like volcano: IAF chief

IAF chief P V Naik Friday described the current security scenario inIndia's neighbourhood as a "volcano" that may erupt anytime and askedthe air warriors to be prepared to meet both internal and externalchallenges.

"Current security scenario is like a volcano and maytest your skills anytime without warning. These times require swiftaction," Naik said addressing the Air Force Day parade here.

TheAir Chief Marshal said that operational preparedness was the key tomeet the complex and intensive threat with "speed of response,flexibility and precision".

Noting that the Air Force would turnitself into a potent aerospace power within the next five to sevenyears, he said the future inductions such as the 126 MMRCA, flightrefuelling aircraft, AWACS and other platforms would pose technologicalchallenges that need to be met by imbibing new skills.

Pointingout that the new communication network, ASNET, had changed the way theAir Force conducts its operations, Naik said the Air Force was movingquickly to become a network centric aerospace power.

"We havethe responsibility to absorb the new technology and operate all systemseffectively to secure, protect and to preserve Air Force's ground andair assets with diligence and utmost prudence," Naik said.

Later,interacting with the media, Naik said he had described the securitysituation as "volcanic" because it was not known when it would erupt.

Onmodernisation and new acquisitions, the Air Force Chief said that theMMRCA and fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) that would join thefleet in the next decade would help the IAF meet the nationalaspirations.

Asked about the FGFA, Naik said he expected it tobe inducted in the Air Force by 2017 and equated it with the F-22Raptor of the US Air Force which is already operational.

"I wish I could join the Air Force again to fly these modern aircraft," added Naik, who will reach superannuation next year.
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