Turkish- Chinese Conducted a Joint Aerial Exercise

Turkish and Chinese militaries recently conducted a joint aerialexercise in central Anatolia, the first such exercise involving the airforces of NATO member Turkey and China.

The joint exercise was part of Turkey’s Anatolian Eagle maneuvers,which have so far been carried out jointly with US, other NATOcountries and Israel. They took place sometime this month in thecentral Anatolian province of Konya, where Anatolian Eagle maneuverstraditionally take place. Turkish F-16s and Chinese SU-27s andRussian-made MIG-29s took part in the joint exercise, staging a mockdogfight in central Anatolian airspace. The exercise comes ahead of aplanned visit by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to Turkey nextmonth, which officials say will boost relations to a new level. The twosides are expected to sign several agreements on economic and culturalcooperation during the Chinese prime minister’s visit.

Turkey has recently modified its security policy, removing neighborsfrom a list of countries considered as threats to national security.
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