After Shourya Hypersonic Missile Now DRDO's Focus Shifts To K-4 Missiles

After third successful launch of the hypersonic missile ” Shourya “, DRDO is all set to start production of the missiles . Shourya which is a land-variant of India’s K-15 missile which is a Submarine launched missile iscurrently been fitted into the Navy’s nuclear-powered submarine, Arihant.

While the development work of Shourya is almost over and the missile is all set to enter production , focus now has shifted to another Submarine launched missile which has been under development for a while . K-4 which will be a modified Agni-III ,with range of 3000 km and been in development for a while , will see renewed pace in its development .

DRDO has not confirmed or denied existence of K-4 missile in media , but sources have confirmed about its existence , while K-4 is still under development and first test will not be held soon , instead DRDO want to carry out further test of K-15 to validate test parameters for a under launched platform .

In past Indian navy had refused to loan a Diesel Kilo Class submarine to DRDO for modification and testing of K-15 missile due to shortage of submarines in Indian navy . but media reports indicate that DRDO secretly tested the missile from a submerged canister in 2006 period , but DRDO have never cleared this reports .

K-15 will be first armed on India’s Nuclear powered submarine INS Arihant , after it completes it harbor and deep sea level tests , plans are also in place to second diesel submarine line which India wants to manufacture and purchase for its Navy .
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