Defence System of Pakistan Air Force Was On Red Alert Due To US Planes


Former ISI chief lt gen (retd) Hameed Gul has said that the time has come when the government should tell the US clearly that it should not try to take revenge of failure in Afghanistan from Pakistan, adding that Pakistan Air Force had put its defence system on red alert on Sunday night due to US flights on Pak-Afghan border.

General Hameed Gul said that recent incidents clarify that the Pak-US relations cannot remain at that level where were in Musharraf era, adding that every leader of Pakistan says that we don not accept America as our Master, and this is the voice of whole nation.

He said that it is time to say US that we are not like Cambodia, we are a nuclear state. “It is time to say that if you would do this than we response in this way,” he added.

Hameed Gul said that the Haqqani network is a pretext, which has two or three thousand fighters and they are working as subordinate of the Taliban, adding that the main target of America is Pakistan.

He said that Musharraf committed wrong with country, he gave binding hands to United States without any written agreement and are facing the consequences of decisions of Musharraf.

Hameed Gul said that Pakistan Air Force alerted its defence system due to flights of US fighter planes near border on Sunday night and this event was not reported in media. He said that the visit of Chinese vice prime minister scheduled to be start today (Monday) and meeting of Corps commanders is a signal which says that the civil and military leadership has common understanding regarding the threats faced by the country.

If today we have decided to answer America than it is a right decision and should stand with this decision, Gul added.
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