HAL And GE Aviation to Maintain And Repair Hawk Mk132 For IAF

India’s Hindustan Aeronautics LTD and GE Aviation have just inked an important contract which ensures a 30-year license to carry out repairs and upgrades of all systems of the Hawk Mk132 aircraft. At the moment the Hawk Mk132 is used by the Indian Air Force as an advanced jet trainer.

The contract will give in-house repair and overhauling capabilities to Hindustan Aeronautics for GE Aviation products and will significantly reduce the turn-around-time of all repairs and upgrades. All of the maintenance, repairing and overhaul tasks will be done at Hindustan Aeronautics facilities in Bangalore and Korwa. At the moment the Bangalore facility has to be certified for the repairing of hydraulics, instruments and overhaul while the Korwa one needs a certificate for avionics repairs.

GE Aviation will have to develop, supply and commission test equipment and supply technical data as a part of the agreement. The contract includes training, post design services for a year and technical support.
Nalin Jain, country director for GE Aviation was more than happy to announce the finalization of the deal with Hindustan Aeronautics as this is a company which has more than 70 years of service, providing top quality manufacturing, research and development in India and their co-operation with GE Aviation can only bring benefits.
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