IAF Requests RFI For mini Vertical Take-Off And Landing UAV

India has filed an RFI (request for information) for a small vertical take-off and landing UAV (unmanned air vehicle).

The Indian Air Force’s request is for a battery or fuel-operated UAV that weights less than 10Kg and can fly for more than 60 minutes.
The UAV will be used for search, reconnaissance and intelligence missions. Payloads will include forward-looking infrared and laser spotters, cameras and rangefinders. The RFI specifies that the UAV must be able to hover and operate in urban environments. Portable and light-weight ground stations must be provided with the system.

India requests a simple design like a personal computer-based ground control station which is capable of handling the UAV’s information. The facility must be able to integrate with other control stations and the datalink range must be not less than 10km.
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