Indian Navy Has Shown Interest In Advanced MCA Project

Indian navy has asked for a briefing on the AMCA project which ADE is heading and they were briefed on AMCA project by the ADE which was attended by Navy’s high ranked officers. Navy earlier had shown interest in American made F-35 for their 5th gen platform requirements but it seems that Navy has decided to stick with Indigenous program.
Navy will join the program once AMCA begins its Technological demonstration phase after its first flight somewhere near end of this decade.

Navy is keen that N-LCA program is successful so that they can move to N- AMCA project soon after its completion. N-LCA had some issues with its landing gear which needed to be redesigned to operate on an aircraft carrier and survive hard deck landing .N-LCA NP-1 is almost ready for its first flight and will have its first flight in mid or end or March if Ground and taxi trials are conducted in time. 

Our sources have confirmed that Navy has received a Briefing and also a copy of ASR (Air Staff Requirements) issued by Indian air force on AMCA aircraft , Navy is also working out how N-AMCA will fit its doctrine and into its plans of operating larger aircraft carrier from IAC-2 onwards .

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