Indian Air Force Personnel To Get 3G Connectivity With Each Other

The Indian Air Force (IAF) will stay connected with each other at all times thanks to the IAF’s unique Wideband CDMA-based 3G portable wireless network which is scheduled to be operational by June 2011. This piece of technology is a part of the AFNET (Air Force Network).

The Wideband CDMA-based 3G portable wireless network is definitely one of the most advanced pieces of communication technology and it will be completely integrated with the AFNET. The purpose of the program is to ensure communication, voice, data and video streaming at all times.

The new 3G mobile network will require the IAF officers and air warriors up to the rank of Sergeant to be equipped with high-end handset. This will help them connect with each other easily and the system will enable cross connectivity with various other communication programs within AFNET.
The first phase of the project is to set the network operational in the Delhi Area. Afterwards the network will be spread to all AF establishments across the country. The 2nd phase is expected to end by 2013.
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