Indian Air Force To Get New Squadron Of Su-30MKI

The Indian Air Force is seeking for ways to augment its strike capabilities along the north-east Chinese Border and in order to do that they will raise a new squadron of Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter aircraft at the air base. The 102 squadron of Sukhoi-30 multi-role fighter aircraft has been raised from the Chabua air base and is expected to be deployed on the border in a few days.

Three Su-30 MKI fighter jet planes were sent to Chabua airbase from Tezpur in order to announce the rise of a new squadron. The first Sukhoi squadron in the north-east was raised at Tezpur during 2009. According to a spokesperson the new squadron will get its full number of 16-18 aircraft in the next months.

IAF’s plans are to deploy a total of four squadrons at these two bases. Earlier the MiG-21 series fighter aircraft was used, but the Sukhoi’s have slowly replaced this aged aircraft.

At the moment the IAF has more than 125 Sukhois deployed in various locations and performing different tasks. A total of 280 such air fighter aircraft will be inducted by the end of this decade.

Currently over 15 squadrons of the 35 tonne aircraft are forming the backbone if IAF’s lethal strike power in the coming decades along with 126 M-MRCA which the Air Force is planning to purchase.
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